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The Japanese Navy was a pioneer in naval aviation, having commissioned the world's first built-from-the-keel-up carrier, the Hosho. Throughout the 1920's and 1930's, they constantly experimented with their carriers, perfecting their design and construction methods, along with highly selective and rigorous pilot training program. As a result, by the time Japan attacked the United States, they possessed a very effective naval aviation force, comprised of a core of six large carriers and several more light carriers.
Japan recently commissioned its first “aircraft carrier” since World War II. The new, "helicopter-carrying destroyer", the Hyuga, is a 610 foot long, 18,000 ton warship that operates up to 11 (mostly SH-60) helicopters from a full length flight deck. Although called a destroyer, it very much looks like an aircraft carrier. While its primary function is anti-submarine warfare, the Hyuga will also give Japan its first real air power capability since 1945. The Hyuga is the largest warship built in Japan since World War II. The Japanese constitution forbids it to have aircraft carriers, which is the main reason it is called a destroyer.
Any service era or vessel configuration - We can build a model of them all - your pick.

Fleet Aircraft Carriers Light Fleet Aircraft Carriers Escort Aircraft Carriers
Akagi Class Hosho (experimental) Taiyo Class
Akagi Shokaku Class Taiyo
Amagi Ryujo Unyo
Kaga   Chuyo
Soryu Chitose Class  
Hiryu Chitose Kaiyo Class
  Chiyoda Kaiyo
Shokaku Class   ex-Brazil Maru
Shokaku Zuiho Class Shinyo
Zuikaku Zuiho Kamakure Maru
Zuikaku Shoho  
  Ryuho Akitsu Maru Class
Junyo Class  Ibuki Akitsu Maru
Junyo   Nigitsu Maru
Hiyo   Kumano Maru
Taiho Class   Yamashiro Maru Class
Taiho   Yamashire Maru
Nos. 801 & 802   Chigusa Maru
Nos. 5021 through 5025    
    Shimane Maru Class 
Unryu Class   Shimane Maru
Unryu   Otakisan Maru


We offer our Japanese aircraft carrier models in several sizes 12-inch, 24-inch, 30-inch and 40-inch.  Custom orders are our specialty. If you would like a quote on a different size or scale, please contact us with your request. Custom orders are our specialty.

Our aircraft carrier models are made-to-order, meaning that we do not stock any pre-made models.  Only when a customer tells us the size and/or scale desired do we build the model. Each model is exquisitely crafted by our master model builders and comes fully assembled with a solid hull - hand carved from kiln-dried mahogany.  Other parts are made from a variety of woods, putty, resin and metals. Every model includes pedestals, a polished mahogany base board, and a name plate.  Options include keel block mounting, waterline models, ships seals and ribbons, and weathering paint schemes. As appropriate to the vessel and service era specified, scale aircraft with appropriate air wings, flagging and assorted deck machines are included.

The model build time is generally 24 weeks from receipt of the order and deposit. The normal procedure is a 50% deposit with the commissioning, with the balance due prior to shipping.  Note that prior to shipping, we take a series of photos of the model and send them to you for final review and approval – so you know exactly what your model will look like and allow for any necessary modifications. Once you have approved your model, we’ll collect the final balance and she will be shipped in a robust shipping crate and insured for your protection.

FREE SHIPPING in the USA - Note that our model prices include shipping and insurance within the USA.

Shipping costs outside the USA will depend on the model size ordered and shipping destination. You will be responsible for any applicable taxes or duties, based on the commercial invoice value for the model.

Add a museum-like touch to your model display - Consider our protective display case option. Keep fingers and dust away - forever!  Please visit our Display Case page to see our selection.

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Japanese Aircraft Carrier Models


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